Latest Manual (v2.0)

Manual Mix-iT (v2.0)


Latest Fireware (September 2016)

Mix-iT Firmware 2.03 for Mac

Mix-iT Firmware 2.03 for Windows


To keep your Mix-iT up-to-date and provide you with the latest features we offer free updates that can be downloaded from this page. The current version of the firmware can be checked in the Mix-iT with rotary 1 – IP config menu, entry 8 – version info, this shows the ATEM fw version and Mix- iT firmware version.

  • Install the software on the PC of Mac

  • Double click the ‘updater’ icon

  • Before continuing, note down the ip-address of the Mix-iT.

  • Disconnect/power down the ATEM.

  • Be sure that the PC is in the same subnet as the Mix-iT

  • Start the uploader tool (uploader.exe)

  • Now enter the IP-address of the Mix-iT in the uploader tool.

  • In the Mix-iT, enable updating in the IP config menu (rotary 1), entry 9 – Update firmwre, OK

  • Powercycle the Mix-iT as indicated

  • Display should show no text (If you powercycle the unit once again, it starts normal operation)

  • Now press ‘connect’ on the update tool

  • If the update tool is able to establish a connection, it shows ‘Connected’

  • You now have 8 seconds to click ‘send’ in the update tool, after that the unit wil restart.

  • If send is clicked in time, the firmware transfer is started.

  • When the transfer is done, it shows ‘upload finished, disconnected’, and the Mix-iT restarts

You have now completed the firmware transfer. You can check the firmware version with rotary 1, entry 8 – version info.

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